I´m planing to make a bicycle-trip either through Spain or England (not sure yet)from August, 10. to September 20. and I´m looking for someone who wants to join me on one of these trips.
To prevent misunderstandings - I DON´T want to travel from Spain to England or vice versa, only visiting one country.

A few things about myself:
I prefer sleeping in a tent or - in cities or regions, where I want to stay for a few days - in pensions as well.
I´m a relaxed driver, 80-120 km per day. 100 km per day is some kind of an aim but far no firm rule or so.
Mostly I´m interested in nature, culture, food and language of those countries. However I also like to spend a few days hiking, canoeing, sightseeing in cities or just relaxing at some beach now and then. All in all it is supposed to be holiday, isn´t it!
Oh, and finally, I´m 27, male and live in Germany. I have several years practice in biketravels and also speak Spanish a little.

So if you are interested to join me in of these countries (still not sure yet ;-) or have any question, just reply me.

So long,