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#406553 - 22.01.08 08:41 Which bicycle?
kevin gans
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 2
I am new to the cycling community, i have only been cycling for about a year in my hometown Mexico city (very exciting/dangerous place to ride) . Riding a bike here DEMANDS an all terrain mountain bike to get around as the roads aren't exactly the best But as i will be moving to florida for college i am in the market for i am guessing a road bike ? Im not exactly sure... I want to be able to take the bike on trains, which i guess would have to make it very portable? On the other hand i do ride very hard and very far so i would need a very dependable and sturdy bicycle. Any suggestions?
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#406982 - 23.01.08 10:47 Re: Which bicycle? [Re: kevin gans]
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 364
Hi Kevin -

and welcome to the cycling community in general and this forum in particular!

To me it sounds like a stable 26" frame (for 26" wheels, that is), possibly equipped with thin tires and some additional features could be the right thing for you.

However, this is a matter of taste as well the general conditions for cycling, transportation and the US market (which I am not familiar with frown).
It could be helpful if you would precise what purpose exactly you want the cycle for (everyday cycling/day trips? Touring with baggage? Races?) and, of course, how much you are willing or able to spend.

Once you've found the type of bicycle that suits your needs you can start comparing (and testing!) the models you can actually get your hands on in Florida.

Greetings from Germany

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#553027 - 15.09.09 08:06 Re: Which bicycle? [Re: kevin gans]
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 8
Look! Everyone here will tell you to get something different and that'll be no help at all. Just read the answers you already got..... See what I mean.
The very best thing you can do is go to a decent bike shop and look around for something that catches your eye. This is all about what you like,. not what we think you should like.
The shop staff will guide you in the right direction and tell you if the bike is suitable for your needs.
Don't go to a cheapo bike shop and don't buy from a shop that sells anything other than bikes and bike related bits.
Spend as much as your budget will allow.
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#750706 - 21.08.11 11:40 Re: Which bicycle? [Re: kevin gans]
Nicht registriert
Its a merry-go-round, the more people you're asking for the more different answers you get. Read the comments about bikes and stuff and make your own reasoning.

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