Originally I was planning on cycling through Europe in summer 2013 for 1-2 months but those plans have fallen through. My first thought was to wait until spring/summer 2014 but I really can't wait that long..

So, the plan is to leave in February but if someone wants to leave in Jan, I'm game.

I'll be cycling from Cornwall, UK. To start off I was thinking of cycling down Eurovelo 1 into Spain and Portugal but I'm flexible with that, happy to go anywhere. (Preferably south though!)
I reckon I can do about 90km a day but I'm not too fussed about speed.

The budget will be tight so it will be mostly camping wild or staying with hosts from Warmshowers or Couchsurfing.

I'll also need to make a living while i'm on the road (only for 5-6 hours a week) which would involve finding anywhere with WiFi access so I can work on my laptop, while we happen to be in a town/village. (I'm a webmaster)

Any takers?

I'm also planning a short 2 week shakedown trip in France in early september, so if you fancy joining me on that i'd love to have a riding buddy! grin