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#283759 - 15.10.06 21:42 How to plan a long trip?
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Beiträge: 25
No ive been planning gear and stuff for months.
But planning the cycling route is a struggle to get on with, because i dont no where or how to start.
I know what countrys to visit from north to south: Polen, CZ, Hungary, Slovakien and Kroatia.
I would like to have this done before the trip.

I do have a idea about buying all the maps and plan the route for each country from north to south. And at the same time try to find information on forums etc. about good routes. But its a hell of a job, very intresting but at the same time boring. At the same time i feel a little paranoid for picking the wrong roads, but i dont want to follow every standard routh either.

Any tips/help would be very useful.

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#283879 - 16.10.06 12:37 Re: How to plan a long trip? [Re: vagabond]
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Beiträge: 7342

this is absolutely easy grin

1. you need a few place which you really want see.
(Guidebooks, TV, Radio, Newspapers can give you inspirations)

2. you spot them on a general map. (now you splitted your route in small pieces)

3. Then you need detailed map(s) and guidebooks
You read every part of piece (2.) to check that's on the route I call them spots. (Take care for descriptions like "beautiful scenery", "nice road", etc.)
Then you choose small roads (mountains or river side what you prefer) and connect the spots to a route.

4. Finally you can use forums, the internet to get information about cycling paths, tips, etc.
(Then you can ask more detailed. How do come for A to B instead of nice routes of Poland)

Homepage: http://thomasontour.de
Neu 21.10.2009: 2. Bericht Projekt Hessen aus dem Jahr 2007
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#291509 - 16.11.06 22:45 Re: How to plan a long trip? [Re: JohnyW]
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Beiträge: 25
Thank you for getting me starting to plan tour, this was perfect smile
Biking is about maximum 1-6 hours each day on the wheels. And 4-12 half liters each day. On interrail you travel from a to b, on bike you travel between a to b. A old visdom word from Norway
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#291519 - 16.11.06 22:58 Re: How to plan a long trip? [Re: vagabond]
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Good evening.

I found some useful online maps for Eastern Hungary and as well Slovakia quite useful. Especially the Eastern part of Hungary is scarcely popolated, so biking there is fun. And you can get always pretty good information from the Hungarian tourist office, they have maps about the biking routes there as well, all for free.

Some major biking route runs along the Tisza river from North to South, I was told, but I went from West to East, so I could not check it out.

Hope this helps, have a lot of fun.
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