I'm planning a tour from Europe to Asia, and am looking for partner(s).

I'm a 35 y/o m (US passport), experienced hiker, trekker, camper, cyclist (touring, randoneuring). The age/gender of partner(s) is not relevant, but a relaxed attitude and used to "roughing it" safely is. I do smoke cigarettes and enjoy having a few beers, but no illegal stuff whatsoever.

My plan is to start in France in May for some le Tour climbs. Then head down to Spain along an el Camino route, then zig zag back eastward (having built up good "tour legs"). I'm thinking I'll spend 6-7 weeks total prior to crossing into the Ukraine for the Northerly route (through Ukraine , Russia and the "Stans").

My daily average (on a fully loaded bike) is about 100K/day. Sometimes more (ie when riding through boring plains). Sometimes less (ie headwinds & climbs).

This will be a budget tour utilizing campings, "free" or "wild" camping, hostels, guesthouses and perhaps hotels (rarely) for accomidation. Everyone interested should be self sufficient (ie used to-and equiped for loaded touring with camping). Visas are the responsibilty of individuals.

My time alloted for the tour is open ended, 6 plus months (depends upon the length of the Chinese Visa I can get), further routing through SE Asia may be a possibility.

-Any tips of folks looking for partners along the Northern route are welcomed as well!

e-mail: jfoneg (_"at symbol"_) yahoo (_"dot symbol"_) com