Forumslader V5 is real (i have one), but purchasing it is a bit complex. It is a one-man-company avoiding potential legal issues.

You take full responsibility if you sell a commercial product in the EU. You as a producer are legally bound to offer warranty for 2 years and you can be made responsible if the product fails in a bad way (burning down the consumers house). That is a risk one-man-companies cannot really take.

Jens is not selling a finished product. He sells you a set of components, which is not covered by any legally required warranty. He also sells you the service of assembling the set into a product (services are again much easier regarding warranty). This split removes all legal hassles, but it also prohibits selling via retail channels.

It is available via his homepage, or if you request it here via PM (JensD is the username). I guess you only need the set and can skip assembly service.