Hey everyone,

I'm Armin, 23year old student from berlin, and I'm looking for people who want to join me.

As I already stated in the headline, I want to travel 12 month, starting first of may 2013. The tour starts in Vancouver and should end far in the south wink It contains roughly 3 parts:

First Part Vancouver to Panama City
Start 1.5.2013 (first of may, for all the americans out there ;D) -
End middle of october
My favorite route would be along the westcoast, because quite a few nice cities, persons I want to visit and the route 1. After Los Angeles, we'd pass Mexico City, Oaxaca, Cancun, Managua and finaly reach the destination panama city.

Second Part Cuba
Start middle of october - End beginning of november
To avoid the deadly something between Quinto and Panama City I plan to visit Cuba, not to cheat myself of the about 1000 km I will skip on the continent. And what would be better than the socialist paradise cuba? Here as well are some people that would welcome us warmly.

Third Part Quito to Buenos Aires
Start beginning of november - End april 2014
The plan is roughly to follow the Panamericana:
If there is time left, I'd like to discover the south of Argentina, but we will see whats possible or not.

Contact me, ask me or convince me if you have a idea on your own. In any case: Let me know it, I'm looking forward it. Just PM me.

Some additional stuff, if you are still reading:
I'm an ingineering student and plan this tour for quite a while. For preparation I did a tour from berlin to nice, 3000km and 100-110km/day. I'd like to do this trip sporty, but with about 60 mandatory km per day, you can easely do some trips. My english is fluent, my grammar may not. I started learning spanish, so i'd prefer the non-brasilian part of south america. My interests would be ... eating everything we come across and to visit the power plants we come see. ^^

Greetings, Armin