I will be in Georgia (Caucasus) from 10/08 to 03/09/2012 with my mountainbike.
My plan is to cycle mainly in valleys in the mountains on secondary and dirt roads. Starting in Svaneti, later Tusheti, rest still open. I love mountains and are very flexible as to the itinerary. 14 years of experience cycling in Asia (Tibet + China (5.000 km), Mongolia, Altai, Kinnaur-Spiti (Indian Himalaya), Korea, Turkey, Canada (5.000 km), Alaska, USA, Marrokko, etc.). Ca. 70 km/day depending on the terrain. I love to cycle in remote areas and to have contact with local people. I don’t mind to park my bike for 1 or 2 days to go trekking. If you are interested in joining me for a part or the whole itinerary, please email: tagong_99@yahoo.com