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#77912 - 15.03.04 09:54 wanderer-fahrraeder W-4
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 8

who know this bike wanderer-fahrraeder W-4? I want to use it for my african trip...or from same factory...wich bike is better for a long trip (3-5 years) across africa?

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#77937 - 15.03.04 11:37 Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4 [Re: nessuno]
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Hello Nicolas
Wanderer is a german Brand, which is using frames from the Czech framemaker Fort.
Fort frames are considered as very good value for money, so the frame should do the job.
Wanderer is in my eyes overpriced, there some different options to get a Fort frame or a fully completed travel bike.
Most of the equipment of the W-4 looks good, do you want to go with a Shimano set up or Rohloff?

Good alternatives consisting a Fortframe are Velotraum or Norwid (Modell Kattegat) (both pages in German). The offer real custom set up, so you can get exactly the parts you wish.

I don't know anythings about italian bikeshops. The reputation of both manufactures above is excellent and I'm sure that they will sent you the bike to Italy as well.

If you prefer a "I do it on my own" set up, check out www.fort-frames.cz where you can order a frame directly.

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#77944 - 15.03.04 11:55 Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4 [Re: ]
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Beiträge: 8
Hi Tivo,

maybe wanderer is going to be a sponsors of my trip. I am thinking about W-4, becouse of its steel frame, and shimano (no budget for rohloof...they said).
I do not know if this bike fit my goal. What is your opinion?

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#77965 - 15.03.04 13:17 Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4 [Re: nessuno]
Nicht registriert
Hey Nicolas
Having a Sponsor is always a good option laugh

So let's have short look on the W4

Frame o.k.
fork o.k.
gruppo Shimano
- Cranks, Shifter, Rear and front Derailleur - Deore will do it
- bottom bracket - the best you can get (you don't want to change it somewhere in Africa!)
- wheel set: as well the best you can get: good hubs (LX or XT, Dt Swiss Hügi Onyx or compareable) DT Swiss Spokes Competition 2.0-1.8 and a durable rim (maybe sun rhino light)
It' very important that the whells are made as good as possible, don't "save" money here! A fine address in Germany is www.whizz-wheels.de, but of course there are more options
- Breaks: The HS 33 from Magura has more Power and an excellent reputation, a real premium "fix and forget" break. The HS 11 is the smaller brother
-stem: I prefer fixed stems, just check out your perfect position and forget about the variable stems.
- Saddle Brooks: what else wink
- light: I prefer the SON Hub Dynamo (Expensive!!)

So that's it for the moment, the Fort frame will do the job, and everything else can be replaced if necessary.

P.S. You might ask Rohloff directly for sponsorship. They support a lot of world travellers. Just give it a try!

Geändert von TiVo (15.03.04 13:19)
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#77975 - 15.03.04 13:51 Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4 [Re: ]
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 8
here the bike:

Rahmen - frame (size-factor, frametype, colour (possible: black + blue))
Schaltung - gear-shift (Shimano Deore XT - Bereifung - tyre-equipment (serie = Marathon Plus reflex)
Bremse-kind of brake (serie is Magura HS11, possible: Magura HS33, Magura HS11-stealcable)
Seat Post: (Airwings Patent, Airwings Evolution)
Handlebar, rear carrier, low rider carrier for front fork, lock, kickstand, headlight

I wrote to Rohloof too...still now no answer. I'd like to use this gear...but I do not want to pay for it...and howevere the wanderer frame seems not to built for this gear (I mean With CC OEM )

I have doubts about airwings and magura. Does they really worth??
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