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#74048 - 16.02.04 15:08 Best bike for long african trip
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Beiträge: 8

I am looking for a bike, no suspension, no alu, to use it Africa for 3 years.
has any one a suggestion?

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#161023 - 30.03.05 07:40 Re: Best bike for long african trip [Re: nessuno]
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Beiträge: 56
Unterwegs in Deutschland

I been cycling twice for 2 years through Africa. If you need contacts, feel free to contact me.
No particular brand to be recommended.
I recommend not to look on weight, when choosing your bike, rather durability.
Don't take low-rider front racks! They are difficult in sand for the bags tend to bump on the sand. Same applies for narrow jungle tracks.
Don't travel with a railer!
Always carry loads of hose clems for basic, rough repairs.
Carry 10 L MSR water bags!
Real travelers just set off for the sake of it, floating like a ballon, always following their destiny. And even though, they don't always know why, they always say:"Let's go!" by Baudelaire
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#162648 - 05.04.05 13:57 Re: Best bike for long african trip [Re: nessuno]
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Beiträge: 3011
CrMo, CrMo-fork, 26" - there are quite a few german manufacturers who produce good quality frames & bikes. frameset including fork will cost about 500-600€. Feel free to contact me if you are interested and need more information.
How much do you want to spend on the complete bike anyway?

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#178602 - 07.06.05 09:24 Re: Best bike for long african trip [Re: nessuno]
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Beiträge: 3

If you still here I think the best solution is to build a bike yourself!
You choose the frame you like, front fork, groupset etc.
Then you have to assemble all parts also yourself.

Do not buy standard bike from massive bike producer, they all are the same and too commercialised.

When you build your bike ride heavy as much as you can before
you left for a long trip, then you will realized you need to change some parts, so do it.

Only after that you will know what is your bike.

I personally love titanium as best material for long and heavy travel.
So I build my bike myself since 15 years ago and travel with my bike in many countries.

Sometimes I use my bike in extremely heavy conditions.
Since the time I changed many components on my bike and
to the moment it is very different from the first bike.

If you like I can share my experience and I can help you
with components like frame, front fork, seat post,
stem, aerobar, handlebar made from titanium. And I know
how you can buy all titanium parts for a very good quality and price.

Good luck!
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