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#664374 - 24.10.10 23:27 Heading towards Asia in spring 2011
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Beiträge: 2

I plan to travel to Asia from Austria by bike starting next spring (march/april 2011) and I am looking for someone to join me.

The plan:
The plan is to start quite early next spring heading east towards Turkey, Iran, *stan countries to get into China. Before it gets really cold I want to arrive in Nepal and stay there and in India for the winter months. This is only a preliminary plan the could change easily.

I do not seek to set any record in terms of kilometers traveled per day or number of mountains climbed. The target is to visit the countries/people/cultures during the journey. The average mileage per day should be around 60-100 km.

About me:
I am 32 years old and live in Vienna, Austria. So far I do not have a lot of experience in long distance tours but I am used to ride with my mountainbike on day trips in the mountains.

If you like to join me just let me know!


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#670729 - 20.11.10 00:19 Cyclin in spring 2011 [Re: motse]
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 14
Hy Martin

we'll be heading from Crete to China starting late Feb and hope to hit China by Mid Aug. we do about 400-500km p/w, and have a couple of train rides in mind to get past certain areas.

We have to go through Ankara though to pick up some visas.
Closer to the day we'll have a journal on cgoab, and got a couple on there now.

just look up onrbikes

Maybe see you on the road .
Will you have a site too??
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#674463 - 04.12.10 22:36 Re: Heading towards Asia in spring 2011 [Re: motse]
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Beiträge: 1
Hi Martin,

my original plan was nearly the same. Starting from Austria heading to Southeast Asia early 2011 for a year or more... so time and km/day is not that important! For some reasons I had to change my plan, now I am going to start my trip at the end of May. The main focus should be the Pamir area (*stan countries) and far Southeast Asia. Because of the short delay I try to catch a train to south Siberia or to the Iran Boarder where I have been before. We have to expect a short summer time in Tajikistan’s Pamir (if it's possible I also would like go into the Wakhan corridor) so I will hurry up in Europe. Therefore I can apply almost all visas in Vienna and do not have to spend too much time in Tehran.
Depending where I will start my journey I will cycling over China or India. At the end of the year I will spend one or two relaxed months in Thailand before I am going to Indonesia or Philippines over Singapore.
if you are interested feel free to contact me

cheers pico
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#676382 - 12.12.10 12:41 Re: Heading towards Asia in spring 2011 [Re: mundodelviajero]
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Beiträge: 88
Unterwegs in Deutschland

hi guys

i might be heading in the same direction,
but not sure about the exact date because of work.

let me know if someone wants to share some thoughts & ideas before the tour.

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