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#485273 - 10.12.08 21:56 Worlds Cycling Situation
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 16605
Hello cycling friends!

I know a lot about cycling situation in Germany and Europe, even I'm conscious of opinions of European car drivers about cyclists.
What do think about the situation in your country? What is situation worldwide?
Even if you from a European country (not Germany, Austria, Switzerland, please), let us know, please!

How do feel in your country as a cyclist, as ca cycling traveller within a world of automobiles?
Do you think your country is good for travelling with a bike? Why?

Anything changing in your country towards more or less cycling traffic? Any political changes in respect to cycling conditions?

What country do think is best for cycling if not your own? Why?

Please note your country, if posting in this thread. Thanks for many replies.
Liebe Grüße! Ciao! Salut! Saludos! Greetings!
Pedalgeist - Panorama für Radreisen, Landeskunde, Wegepoesie, offene Ohren & Begegnungen
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#489148 - 02.01.09 12:41 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: veloträumer]
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Beiträge: 23
Ireland is fantastic for riding. If you can get to the Burren in County Clare there are great cycling routes, good tough hills and spectacular views.
Head out of Galway on the Headford Road and you're on the road to Connemara,
lovely countryside.
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#516111 - 17.04.09 07:03 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: veloträumer]
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Beiträge: 51
Hi there,
let's just bring this old blog back to life!
I can only compare cycling in Australia to cycling in Germany. And it's quite different here in OZ. Cycling has more the reputation of 'sports' and 'fitness' as opposed to being a medium to get from one place to another. The great majority of cyclists you see in the city accordingly has an expensive road bike and super thight lycra cloth. However, the mentality is about to shift and Sydney has a plan to increase the share of cycling to about 25% of all transportation methods for commuting to work. And many people start commuting by bike to avoid the long qeues of cars on the road. Same as in other major cities a network of bikepaths is developing to make cycling in the cities safe. So I guess in 20 years time we will have a similarly good bike infrastructure as Germany has now.
Many people travel Australia by bike which is a great thing to do and a great experience. However, most travellers are actually visitors from Europe, Aussis can't be bothered. Good things for riding in a tour is that Australia is mostly flat and you can legally ride your bike even on the Highways. You will normally find a 1.5m wide shoulder which keeps you separate to traffic. Everybody know the down sides though which are huge distances and boiling temperatures.
Australian use of bicycles would now be something around 40% road-/racing bikes, 40% mountain biking, 15% commuting and 5% touring...
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#516689 - 19.04.09 12:00 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: BikingMarco]
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Beiträge: 23
the situation in Italy is similar to the previous post. Unfortunately, only to the first part of the previous post: cycling is a sport training, and only few bikers are cycle travellers; but Italy has no plan to increase use of bicycle, and I think we'll not have infrastructures like German ones in the next 20 years.
Exception is the Trentino Alto Adige region, which has very long cycle paths, with excellent surface, and is working continuously to increase the cycle net too. So tourism in Trentino Alto Adige increased a lot, along cycle paths; but other regions of Italy are actually blind.
Anyway a great forum of bike travelling was born in the last times; so some hundreds of travellers are, surprisingly, talking about.
We could be an interesting place for bicycle touring. We could have art, nature, sun and friendship. The hope is that a miracle will come.

Geändert von Flavio (19.04.09 12:02)
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#547997 - 23.08.09 14:46 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: Flavio]
malte 68
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 1331
hi flavio

actually italy already is a great place for bike-travelling, away from the very mountainious topography wich isn't to change by political will wink.
i enjoyed it a lot and so do many bike-travellers here!

so, enjoy and take care
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#623034 - 25.05.10 13:04 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: malte 68]
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Beiträge: 23
Hi Malte,

I am happy to know!

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#623423 - 26.05.10 14:18 Re: Worlds Cycling Situation [Re: veloträumer]
Shamim Ahammed
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Beiträge: 16
Unterwegs in Bangladesch

I have experienced traveling at Bangladesh, there have medium situation. There have well street, also muddy path and brick made way. A huge things to enjoy and learn there. A village life, natural beauty etc..
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