Hi everybody,

I'm planning a trip through the baja for next year from Tijuana to La Paz. The plan is to do it in 3 weeks in March 2009.

I am mexican and grow up in La Paz (at the moment living in Germany) so I know the area quite good.

I was planning the trip with some friends but at the end they will not manage. If someone would like to join me, it would be great.

Way of riding:
- I am male, 30 years old.
- I do around 100km per day and if necesary I can do some more. Of course if less I am not complaining smile
- Speed around 15-18km/h mean per day
- There is always time for photos
- I like camping but also a room in a pension or small hotel is also ok
- A restaurant every now and then is also ok
- A no riding day after several day is also ok
- I speak spanish, english and german

well if you are interested in the idea let me know