Hey Ho,

After I did my first trip by Bicycle with all the stuff wich is needed for freecamping and working on farms etc. I thought, that it might be nicer with one or two other people.
At the moment I'm picking apples in Hawkes Bay and will return to Auckland approximatly end april.

I'm Jonas from Germany, 21 years old and started my trip together with my sister and her boyfriend in Australia in oktober. Since December I'm working and travelling on my own and now I want to make my dream come true and discover New Zealand by bike. I'll probably stay here till Feb. 2009.

I am very open minded and flexible, but I really want to cycle to Mt. Ruapehu in the winter time for working and skiing. Or maybe it's tooo cold. We'll see. Hot Water Beach in Coromandel should be warm also in wintertime wink
Let me know if you want to do a similar trip, and we'll hopefully have a great time of life. I love to laugh!
I uploaded a webpage with two pictures and a contact form: http://jonnay.jo.funpic.de/Bilder/bicycle/index.php