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#412334 - 11.02.08 08:52 Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008
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Beiträge: 3
Hello eveyboday
My name is Reza 29 years old and I’m living in Dubai
I’m planning to go to Germany and take my bicycle with my self in beginning of September. From south of Germany I want to cycle to Netherlands with in 45 days or maximum for two moth if everything goes well I might to other country but in Europe only.
Please reply me on my hot mail reza_tres@hotmail.om if any body interested in traveling by bike to the same way.

take care and see you soon
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#414170 - 17.02.08 12:45 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: Syrous_2008]
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Beiträge: 61
Dear Reza
I'm an Iranian cyclist who lives in Shiraz, and have planed to cycle in Emirates, Oman and Yemen if I can get the visa for,
my departure is 10th of this March,
I think you have to cycle while you can do it in your home country just for being ready to cycle in Euorpe since there are many high mountians and up hills, I've never been in Europe as gettting visa is always difficult for we Iranian, but I have many expereince here in Iran on different road, in the east, west, and north, and know that you have to have enough energy for cycling in the mountaineer areas, anyway,
I wish you luck and hope you could find a friendly partner :-)
take care
Mohammad cool
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#415043 - 20.02.08 12:18 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: Syrous_2008]
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Beiträge: 414
Hi Reza,

Where do you start in Germany? I live in Bayreuth (near Nürnberg) and I can offer you a place to stay for 1 or 2 nights. As I am dutch I might be able to find other hosts for you in the Netherlands, too.

If you want to travel cheap in europe you might consider using hospitality networks. This way you get to know the local people and have a great (and cheap) time, too :-) I have a list of them on my website:

Cycle the world (using hospitality clubs),
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#416235 - 25.02.08 08:47 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: whisky]
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Beiträge: 3
Hello whisky,
Thank you for your reply.
I’ve been told south Germany its suitable for Cycling so probably from south to northwest and go to Netherlands I’d like to start from Zurich If I m able to get visa for there .Do you think is it ok if I camp whenever I want ? How bout 54 days that ‘ll do fine for this trip should I go with someone or alone its better ?
I don’t have any plan or rout map what should I have to do?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care,
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#416271 - 25.02.08 12:12 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: Syrous_2008]
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Beiträge: 414
Hi Syrous,

Camping in the wild in Germany is in most bundeslaender (provinces) forbidden or the rules are unclear. But if you ask somebody or camp on some empty feelds in the forest it´s no problem most of the time. Just pitch your tent when the sun is setting or just after dark and keep a low profile (no fire, torch etc).

In the Netherlands wild camping will be more difficult as especially the west is densily populated. Bu then again, we have LOTS of campingplaces (http://www.anwb.nl/ig/verblijven/campings/home.jsf , in dutch). To use this search type your destination under the 'Zoek een camping' box.
But if you ask a farmer they will most of the time allow you to stay on their fields.

Going alone is no problem as the countries are safe and you´ll most likely meet some travel cyclist on the way.

54 days should be enough depending on what you want to see and your way of traveling. How many days is an EU visa valid?

Cycle the world,
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#440443 - 22.05.08 10:38 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: Syrous_2008]
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Beiträge: 16
Hallo Reza,

to make up your mind where to cycle in Germany have a look on

> Deutschland
click the map
and you will find severall routes in Germany and information about each.
Have a look and contact me in case of questions i'll try to help you.

I'm thinking of cycling in summer, too. I live near the dutch boarder in Mönchengladbach.

Good luck
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#445338 - 10.06.08 18:39 Re: Germany ,Netherland.Sept 2008 [Re: Syrous_2008]
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Beiträge: 277
Unterwegs in Kolumbien

Hey there!

Due to lack of time, i can`t cycle with you, but i can offer a place to stay for one or two nights close to Stuttgart. I can also offer a garage and tools for repairs, just let me know if you wanna drop in.
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