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#242693 - 21.04.06 10:07 Thinking of my next tour........
Rob Rushworth
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Beiträge: 3
I'm trying to figure out a way to generate and store power using my bike while I travel.
Has anyone heard of a reliable or tried and tested system for doing this?
I like to keep in touch with friends via sms text messaging, but on my last trip I found it difficult to find batteries to charge the phone.
I'm currently looking into the possibility of using a hub generator to charge standard rechargeable batteries, which could then be used to charge the phone, although I would prefer to be able to charge the phone directly (also hopefully my digital camera).
I would be using 2 hub generators, one on the front wheel and one on the trailer wheel.
If anyone has any experience or knowledge of an available system for generating and storing power on a touring cycle I would be very grateful if you would let me know the details.
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#242782 - 21.04.06 13:53 Re: Thinking of my next tour........ [Re: Rob Rushworth]
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 414
Hi Rob,

I don't know if you can read german bu the 'technicians' of this website have recently developed a batterycharger. It will work with a hub dynamo or a conventional rim dynamo and is (depending on the contacts being used) able to charge most types of batteries within 6 hours of cycling laugh

Here is the link: http://www.forumslader.de.vu
The site should be updated within the next weeks with pictures and so on. The test rides were successful smile
Look under 'Downloads' for a list of components and the electric circuit layout.
If it is possible to use your mobile in foreign countries I don't know, it depends on the frequency the mobile uses...

Cycle the world,

Geändert von whisky (21.04.06 13:55)
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#243178 - 23.04.06 05:53 Re: Thinking of my next tour........ [Re: whisky]
Rob Rushworth
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 3
Thanks Marc,
I can't read German, but I'm sure Babelfish will do a good job of translation.
I use a registered "pay as you go" standard UK mobile phone. The phone company has my bank details and I add credit load as necessary.
Works well in Europe, but gets more expensive the further you get from home.
Enjoy the ride
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#243576 - 24.04.06 17:48 Re: Thinking of my next tour........ [Re: Rob Rushworth]
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Beiträge: 84
... it's all in your mind ...
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#243951 - 25.04.06 16:58 Re: Thinking of my next tour........ [Re: acanay]
Rob Rushworth
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 3
Wow, that's a piece of work. Looks like just the job grin

Respect to you for cycling Cambodia.

Thanks for the link Acanay.

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#244156 - 26.04.06 01:22 Re: Thinking of my next tour........ [Re: Rob Rushworth]
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Beiträge: 240
Hello Rob,

without being too intimate with the technical details, here are my two cents:

The british design seems tempting, I´ll give you that, but do consider the size of the box....

On the other hand http://www.forumslader.de.vu/ hasn´t got much online right now.

To get an idea go to downloads / Beschreibung von cyclist.

Since I v-e-r-y much doubt that Babelfish will be of any use due to the very technical nature of that document, here is my suggestion.

Why don´t you send Makus i.e "cyclist" a personal note?

I always found him to be very helpful!
Grüße, moogley
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