Mid-May to Mid-August
Central California Coast to New Mexico to Canadian Rockies
Then maybe Yukon to the Arctic
Lots of dirt roads.

I have toured the West for many years - and I will be doing another trip during the summer of 2006. I will be avoiding most of the national parks or at least the main areas of those parks because they are too crowded. There are incredible remote sections that are far nicer. In fact - - this summer's trip will be extremely remote. I expect to camp in primitive locations most of the time.

On recent trips I have been to the Hopi spring dances, had dinner with Hutterite farmers, and helped a Slavey Dene hunter unload caribou for a village. For me, bike touring is more than a television screen with images moving across. In addition, I am an environmental historian, so I like to look closely at ecological processes on the land.

I have 20 years of touring experience in the West and would like to share it with anyone wishing to come along for all or part. I don't drink or smoke - don't care if you do or not - unless it becomes a problem. For example - alcohol is prohibited in many native communities - for good reason. Mostly vegetarian, but I recognize the importance of giving meat in rural cultures.

I start early and enjoy the early morning hours on my bike. I always include wilderness hiking every week while on tour. The Sierra Nevadas, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, Denali. I also want to include some river rafting as part of this trip - maybe two or three days on a remote stretch of river.

Drop me a line if you are interested >> johnegan(at)vcn.com
Last year's trip is at >> http://JohnnyGunn.crazyguyonabike.com

Best - J