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#214153 - 14.11.05 23:49 trusted bike stores ?
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Beiträge: 84
hi everybody
what about this : we will make a list of known and trusted bike stores we visited ?

I don't mean advert for stores in our countries - but everything we don't know about .. well bike stores in Pakistan, Brasil, Ghana etc.

What do you think ?

Geändert von acanay (14.11.05 23:53)
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#214158 - 15.11.05 02:06 Re: trusted bike stores ? [Re: acanay]
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Acanay, wink all message
This is a good idea, however I am in no position to offer a store in the third world. I can offer one in Sierra Vista Arizona, USA.M&M Cycles on Fry Boulivard, owned by a good scotsman, Martin. And will have information on one in Agua Prieta Sonora, Mexico in one week. Further if anyone is in need of a shower, email me at rhys@zunaniexperience.com

Aho, WiloWales cool
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#214262 - 15.11.05 18:06 Re: trusted bike stores ? [Re: acanay]
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Beiträge: 888
I think it is a good idear

I#ve mett agood one in France (Bretagne) on the D194 from Carnac to Lorient. It was in Lanester where i decided to go to a bike shop, because my rear-suspension was very unstable. They tried to fix it for more than half an hour, but they `didn't have the right stuff, so they only succeded to improve it a little bit. When i wanted to pay for their work they just said "Il faut qu'on roule" ( keep on rolling)
realy nice guys:-)

best wishes
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#214354 - 16.11.05 00:33 Re: trusted bike stores ? [Re: Rhys]
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Beiträge: 84
Hi. the idea was to create a "emergency database" [maybe there is one in th net ?] so if you get stuck in some forgotten country you don't have to call you friends strait away to sent you a new tire etc

so c'mon guys - write ! ;-)
... it's all in your mind ...
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#218826 - 12.12.05 20:40 Re: trusted bike stores ? [Re: acanay]
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Beiträge: 74
This is a good idea indeed - how come nobody replied on that?

If you think about cycling the West Coast in Australia be aware that there isn't much to get concerning pushbikes:
I can't remember having seen a bike shop in Darwin but I'm quite sure there must be one. I think there was nothing in Katherine/NT and in Kununurra/WA only a little one for toy-bikes (kids' bikes). Further on towards Broome there is nothing to get in between. The bike shop in Broome is quite good and you'll find a good range of gear and tyres there (although they make you pay well for it). I'm not sure about Port Hedland but I think someone told me there whas a shop in Dampier/Karratha/WA (I took the other route across the Hamersley Range). In Canarvon you won't be able to find any proper equipment in the "bike shoppie" they have there. The shop further south in Geraldton has all you need and is pretty helpful, too. Perth of course is no problem. In South-West-Australia I only know of Albany having several bike shops but I guess there are a few more around as the area is more densely polpulated.

Wanna read more about Australia? Check out my homepage.

Cheers Ekki
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