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#168774 - 28.04.05 14:33 Germany to China in 05/2007
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Beiträge: 11
I'm going to start my trip from west Germany(koeln??) to China after my A-Level(ABI) in 2007. My plan will be through Turkey,Iran and other hot conturies.But we could also take the route through Russia and Pakistan, so it's open which route we'll take.I want to ride 100-120 km a day, but it's also important that i can lern about the culturs and see the countryside. So my plan is very open and i want to plan with my bikepartner together.If you are interested in it ,just send me a mail: ++


something about me: I war born in 1985 in China. I live in Germany since 1999 and I can speak German very well. After my trip i will fly back to Germany.

Min cool
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#170259 - 04.05.05 00:58 Re: Germany to China in 05/2007 [Re: min]
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Beiträge: 15
Go for it Min. It is the only way to really savor this old world anymore.
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#196487 - 24.08.05 10:18 Re: Germany to China in 05/2007 [Re: min]
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I was thinking about riding my bike to the Olympic Games in Beijing, and I planned to start sometime in Early/Late Spring 2007...well, maybe we could ride some time together...I did not think about the route yet, so I am very open as well...

to my person:
I was in Argentina for 2.5months with my bike, am 26yrs, finished my studies last January and currently working in Hamburg, as I lived abroad for the last 5yrs, I look forward to leave Germany again and travel again...

Well, take care and have fun

"Mit den Jahren runzelt die Haut, mit dem Verzicht auf Begeisterung aber runzelt die Seele!" A. Schweitzer
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#220605 - 27.12.05 18:57 Re: Germany to China in 05/2007 [Re: min]
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Unterwegs in Ukraine

I too am interested in participating in a tour ending in Beijing for the Olympics. I am 51 years old, have been teaching in Eastern Europe for the past 2 decades, living for the summers to ride. Check out www.bicycle.lt to see photos and travel journals of past tours. My 17-year-old boy would most likely join me. He is a Lithuanian citizen. He has ridden with me for the past 6 summers. I am considering taking him out of school for one year and home (road) school him about the ways of the world. The longest he and I have been out is 20 weeks and 8000km on a ride from North Cape to Athens for the 2004 Olympics.

I envision a tour with each participant being self-sustaining, equal and open to the language of the road and the spirit of the people. My wish is to travel with a semi-organized group but I do not want to be the leader, just an equal participant.

Currently I am teaching in Sumy, Ukraine in the north of the country 15 km from the Russian boarder.

Please contact me. I would like to join you.

John Clark
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