wieder einmal ueberfaelle in peru. fernradler toralf und andere warnen vor ueberfaellen auf der populären strecke cuzco-puno. hier der originaltext des betroffenen:
-- Two days ago when I left Cuzco for Puno I was assaultet on the road. A car (coming from the back) hit me and I took a terrible fall. A minute later I faced a gun and I realized that it wasn`t a normal" accident as I first thought. I`m back in Cuzco now and I`m fine. They couldn`t get anything, since another car past and stoped, it was my luck. I didn't break any bones I`m just having some minor injuris. (My hands, my arm, my knee were bleeding) So watch out on the way to Puno, the Police told me that this wasn't the first time something like this happend on this strech to Puno.
stephan --