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#141929 - 10.01.05 08:59 Paris to Saigon! 2005
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Beiträge: 1
Pleasant, mature, smart student from San Francisco searching for someone interested in this or similar route (or any part of it). Camping and cheap lodging. Light and fast is the plan, up to 100 mi/day. 9 months? I have experience in 3rd world travel, ultra-cycling, touring, expeditions. NOLS alum. Starting summer / fall 2005. Age does not matter. Trip of a lifetime.


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#145283 - 23.01.05 09:17 Re: Paris to Saigon! 2005 [Re: bevnbarton]
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Beiträge: 1
someone interested... that's me!

Your trip idea sounds great and i'm quite interested in chatting with you about it and joining you... i love riding, mostly road 6000 to 12000 km's /year depending on life. Spent 3 months in europe last summer, bus camping and putting miles on the new pinarello. south of italy, tour de france, alps and pyranees, loved it all. i've been forming plans in the last short while for a year or so of travelling (more europe, china, australia, india, etc...) when it struck me that it's time to experience some 'see'rious touring, to combine the destinations with the wheels.

i'll keep this brief for now, and hope to hear from you.

'letsgetlost'..... when i first learned how to ride, i would often go out with the pure intention of getting as lost as i could, and use signage and instinct to return home. there is a little adventure in my blood i would say...


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#170258 - 04.05.05 00:56 Re: Paris to Saigon! 2005 [Re: bevnbarton]
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Beiträge: 15
Now that is what I would call one hell of an adventure. Paris to...

In 1998 ,I think it was, A German woman from Bonn pulled into downtown Hanoi on her fully loaded touring bike, having cycled there from Germany. Tall with dark blond hair, blue eyes, impeccably perfect handwriting, a spirit of high adventure, and saddle soreness, I considered it my own duty to direct her to the hostel in which I had been rooming for a few days by that time. Seated as I was in a restaurant and looking out a window when she pulled in at street outside, it was understandably impossible to just let her slip away without getting a little of her story for my journal. She is a tall one. Her name was Doris Huffman. She said she was heading on into China and then to Japan where friends awaited her arrival.

Quite some time later, while another person and I were cycling between Beijing and Wuhan, China, people at a roadside restaurant told us that this same German woman was seen cycling that very same road we were on, destination Beijing.
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#184808 - 03.07.05 08:06 Re: Paris to Saigon! 2005 [Re: bevnbarton]
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Beiträge: 14
Hi there,
I wanna go from Budapest to Jerusalem, so may be we could meet, if you are still interested please let me know it.

Victor (vitomama@hotmail.com)
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#209784 - 23.10.05 08:44 Re: Paris to Saigon! 2005 [Re: bevnbarton]
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Beiträge: 3
I'm planning a tour from Europe to Asia too.

My plan is to start in France in May, head down to Spain, then explore some more of Europe, heading zig zaggy eastward. I'm thinking I'll spend 6-7 weeks total prior to crossing into the Ukraine along the northerly route (through Russia and the "stans").

My daily average is about 100K/day, as I do like to stop and explore/relax.
email: jfoneg ("at" symbol) yahoo ("dot" symbol) com
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