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#1068064 - 15.09.14 03:33 2 travel bikes to give away in China
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Beiträge: 19
Hello. We travelled by bicycle through siberia to China. There we decided to ship our bikes home and travel on. Now the bikes are stuck at the warehouse of the shipment company because it's more expensive to ship them to Germany than we thought. So, if anyone is interested, we can ship these two bikes completely equipped with bags in front and behind to any address in China. We only ask for the money for the shipping to your address and a little extra. The first one is a German brand alloy bike, the second one is a specialized rock hopper. Both bikes are old but very good in shape since we did a complete check for both before we left home. Here you can see a picture.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to mail me psytrance (at) Web. De
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#1068076 - 15.09.14 08:28 Re: 2 travel bikes to give away in China [Re: DanielKirchhoff]
Radvater Jan
Nicht registriert
a hint: It might be helpful for your sales push to do some additional shots from both bikes in highres and without panniers as many of these guys in this very boutique here are a bit picky about equipment. Donno why they are so retarded but deal with it. On the other side, for rolling so much kms over rough and smooth with your irony companions it would be heart-tearing pain to me to sell this two trusty friends.

Do you ship by air or waterway? Maybe the latter is an cheaper albeit more risky game...
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#1069631 - 23.09.14 15:32 Re: 2 travel bikes to give away in China [Re: ]
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Beiträge: 234
How can he take pics of the bikes if they are stuck at the warehouse (and the tread opener probably somewhere else)? And shipping within China by waterway? How's that supposed to work?
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#1070429 - 27.09.14 11:30 Re: 2 travel bikes to give away in China [Re: Edreoj]
Radvater Jan
Nicht registriert
I spoke on the assumption that every average self-acclaimed traveling bike afficionado has (tons of) pics with his bike on it where at last cut outs in high res details can be seen.
At least I am this sort of, for if the mere thought of prowling petty theft rogues at night in my residential area let me do this with some of the bike parts are covert marked to obtain help when change hands in the quagmire of evilbay. If this guy has no pics at all and his very bikes are stored in the warehouse now it is to late, of course.
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