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#1015290 - 14.02.14 05:31 Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014!
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 3
Unterwegs in Thailand

Hello all,

anyone heading to Myanmar/Burma around end of march 2014?
i start from Bangkok, enter Myanmar at Myawadi border and heading to Yangoon and on to the north of Myanmar. Exactly route is open and could be planed together.
Im kind of on a budget so I dont pay for accomodations every day, when possible sleeping in the tent.
If you are going to be cycling in the area get in touch and we can see if our paths will cross!

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#1015299 - 14.02.14 07:49 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: rasiking]
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Beiträge: 30
As I know its not allowed for foreigners to camp in Myanmar without a local Guide or you have to register yourself with the local authorities if you sleep outside the hotels.
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#1017633 - 21.02.14 21:20 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: Biene_Maja]
Mitglied Übernachtungsnetzwerk
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Beiträge: 410
Don´t worry it shouldn´t be a problem sleeping in a tent or monastery. Usually the local authorities are ok if you contact them.
I met a guy who was doing this regularly.

I only got back from Myanmar not having a tent and I regretted not having one. It would have been so much easier.
Enjoy your trip, the people ar lovely.

If you need a friendly private place in Yangon (Normal price 20 but negotiable 15 or even 10 ) let me know.
Leben und Leben lassen.

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#1017943 - 23.02.14 01:57 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: rasiking]
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Beiträge: 1182
Welcome to rad-forum zwinker

I am sure if I would post that one here, some moderator would change it to the English place... schmunzel
Check this:

General Discussion

But like it looks you are now in Thailand, right?
You touring right now there, if yes - are you blogging about it ?

Where did you start your trip... ?

Curious regards from South-Germany

Es war einmal Bike4Peace. Gelernt habe ich eines: "Machen, nicht denken.Einfach machen."

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#1044682 - 28.05.14 07:14 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: rasiking]
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Beiträge: 16
Unterwegs in Indien

Just as a general information about spleeping in Myanmar, for those who come after you, Michael!

We cycled through Myanmar (entering in Thailand, exiting in India) in April/May 2014:

For Sleeping Places we mixed
- Tourist hotels (touristic cities)
- Camping. Easy! Find a spot at dusk, but let nobody see you. We never used flash lights. Be aware of thorns, we had various flat tyres!
- Monasteries (we gave donations). Great! With always friendly monks and interested locals to get in touch with..
- Invitations of families. 2 families invited us along the way, even though it's not allowed (we didn't tell the military when they asked). The stay with a 3rd family was even organized by a police officer as it was a remote area and no hotels around. In Yangon there are some Couchsurfing/Warmshowers contacts.

Enjoy Myanmar!
Karina & Jan

For more information visit our website: www.nie-mehr-radlos.com
Please like us: www.facebook.com/niemehrradlos
Über unsere Fahrradweltreise 2011-2015
Like us: www.facebook.com/niemehrradlos

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#1044761 - 28.05.14 14:22 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: nie-mehr-radlos]
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Beiträge: 16
Unterwegs in Indien

About registration at the local authorities: we never did that ourselves.

When we stayed at monasteries sometimes the local police came over to copy our personal data, but never made problems, they were always friendly.

Around the border areas there were military check points where they copied our passport data. No problems, everybody always very polite.

Karina & Jan
Über unsere Fahrradweltreise 2011-2015
Like us: www.facebook.com/niemehrradlos

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#1053490 - 04.07.14 00:21 Re: Myanmar/Burma end of march 2014! [Re: nie-mehr-radlos]
abwesend abwesend
Beiträge: 87
I would really love to know how your trip was. I travelled to Myanar in the beginning of the year, but we only could rent weak bikes for day trips. Would have been great to be with our owns and a tent.

I made that video in Myanmar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf39Uc5y8zI

Geändert von col (04.07.14 00:23)
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