Hello everyone,

after having posted this on the German forum, I'm going to try it here as well:

My name's Tobske/Tobias and I'm from the south-west of Germany. By next summer I will graduate from school (end of June 2011) and that's why I'm recently deliberating about cycling Canada from Vancouver to Halifax afterwards.
That's a distance of about 5800km; I think 80 between 100 km per day are easily possible, so the entire voyage will take about two and a half months.
Two years ago, I've passed some time in southern Ontario as an exchange student and during this I've seen some parts of Ontario and Québec, but anyway, that was just a tiny part of this huge and gourgeous country.

So now I'm looking around for some accompaniment between 18 and 22 and with lots of time (approximately beginning of July 2011 - mid of September 2011).
But moreover, I would be also really thankful for any kind of advice, animation, comment - or you know about someone else with similar plans.

My preparations are indeed quite ambitious, but still more than one year ahead fewly concrete...