I will be riding from Mexico to Bolivia during the first half of 2008, if anyone wants to ride with me for a stretch of my trip please let me know so we can plan dates. Very rough itinerary is as follows:

Jan 1 - Jan 31: Southern Mexico (Cancun-Merida-Tabasco-Veracruz-Oaxaca-Chiapas)
Feb 1 - Mar 20: Central America (Guatemala-Honduras-Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama in that order, roughly 10 days per country)
Mar 20 - Mar 31: sail from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia
April 1 - April 30: Colombia (straight down the middle)
May 1 - May 10: Ecuador (straight down the middle)
May 11 - June 15: Peru (Cajamarca-Trujillo-Huaraz-Huascaran-Cusco-Puno)
June 16 - June 30: Bolivia (Lake Titicaca-La Paz-Santa Cruz)

It will likely take between two and four more weeks to do the trip due to rest stops, side trips, etc., but this is what I´ve got for now. Please write to timgibson_africa@yahoo.com