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Re: Valcamonica & Iseo Lake (Italy) - 05/31/19 12:04 PM

As a possible extension to the previous route, it might be worthwhile to take into consideration even the following:

Trentino – The Lakes Valley
The 80km round trip starts from Torbole on the Garda lake and arrives to Terlago very close to Trento. From Torbole to Sarche it follows the Sarca river which is the main tributary of Garda lake. The path is almost entirely on its own place, well paved and signposted, always very accurate.
Once arrived to Sarche I continued to Toblino leaving the lake on the right; over there there’s a pedestrian walkway so there’s no need to use the main road (strada statale) that is just a few meters away. From there on up to Terlago there are roads with a very little traffic. On the way back passing through Calavino following a very quiet road I arrived back to Sarche where I returned to the starting point.