Re: Polen: neue touristische Radrouten in Westpommern

Posted by: Toxxi

Re: Polen: neue touristische Radrouten in Westpommern - 12/30/18 11:35 PM

Hi Szymon,

this is very good news, at least for the large number of cyclist in Berlin. schmunzel We travel quite often to Poland. It is not so far away from here. Thank you for the information!

We have done two big tours (big means at least 5 people, often more) to Moryn, two to Szczecin, one to Gorzow Wielkopolski and a countless number to Slubice and Osinow Dolny in the last years. During the tours to Szczecin, we used the short bicycle lane on the former railway tracks from Swobnica via Banie to Borzym. But near Borzym it stopped suddely in a forest, leading the riders on a very bad cobblestone road. How far is the asphalt right now? Does it extend to Gryfino already? I have not bee there for 2 years.

Your pictures show a signpost for Gryfino (6) and Szczecin (37). Thus, I assume, the way is complete now?

The opening of the bridge at Siekierki was frequently announced in German newspapers a couple of years ago. It was open for German and Polish officials for one day, and there was a short film in local TV. But then nothing happened... This bridge would make the way to Moryn more attractive. On the German side it has direct connection to the Oderbruchbahn cycle way (and hence, also to Berlin).

The GPS track "blue velo" on your homepage - is that something still planned? Or can this track be cycled as it is?

Have a nice New Year! bier