Re: The “2-mouths” of Sele river

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Re: The “2-mouths” of Sele river - 12/15/18 07:05 PM

Thanks for presenting this interesting route. I remember the water breaking out of the stones at the coastline south of the Tyrrhenian Sea. I never thought that some of this water is transported through an aquaduct to Puglia. Well, I never touched Puglia on my Great Italy tour in 2006, maybe because there are less mountains. If you stay on the main chain of the Appennino, there is no lack of water until the very south, even Aspromonte mountains are full of water fountains. I hope, once more to visit south of Italy, covering parts of Puglia, too. Until today, I just taste Puglia wine to find in German supermarkets, with intensive, but fruity character. wine