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Around the world - 11/29/03 02:33 PM

I'm looking for somebody crazy enough to explore the whole world with me. I'm planning to start in summer 2005 for about three years.

What I'm looking for? Nature, phantastic landscapes, culture ....
I'm 25 years old, a quiet but humorous person.
You should be about the same age and maybe female (because I think travelling is mor well-balanced and relaxed that way.

Interested? Please write to
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Re: Around the world - 12/06/03 01:11 PM

Hello Daniel.

i have the same Dream, but i am male do you have any problems with that blush)
Please contact if you have a interest to explore the world with a male partner. i am german, live in Hamburg and 33 years old.
Write me and we can plan for details.