8 weeks Australia (October - December 2003)

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8 weeks Australia (October - December 2003) - 07/13/03 12:25 AM

Hi, I'm Chris (M/30) looking for a bicycle partner for a tour in Australia for a probable duration of approx. 8 weeks.

The period should preferably start around 18-26/10/2003 and coudl last until 13-20/12/2003. This could still vary since I haven't booked the airplane tickets, I'd like to book them soon though.

Now, where? What about Brisbane to Melbourne and also Tasmania (at the end). In addition to that an option could be to spend the first one week to 10 days in the region Cairns-Townsville and then go south (by bus?) to Brisbane.

I haven't made up my mind yet how to travel (light and sleeping in hostels/backpackers or with camping gears and sleeping only occasionnaly in hostels/backpackers), this will of course depend of the potential co-cyclist(s).

Hope to hear soon from any of you and wish good luck with your next cicycle trip, Christophe (amerride@yahoo.com)
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Re: 8 weeks Australia (October - December 2003) - 07/31/03 09:48 AM

Hi Chris

It sounds like your about to have some fun. I live on the Gold Coast have explored the east coast of Australia numerous times. I intend touring around Sydney and the Blue Mountains in October to coincide with the world cup rugby being held in Sydney. Drop me a line if you want to chat.

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Re: 8 weeks Australia (October - December 2003) - 08/08/03 07:10 PM

Hi Chris,
could you please send me the details of your intended trip as I may be interested in what's on offer. I'm currently searching for an interesting proposition and this trip may fit in with what I have in mind. I'm a 33 year old male & I'll be travelling from England.