Re: Europe August-October 2007

Posted by: zweiradmann

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/18/07 09:31 PM

Hi Annika,

I'm planning to cycle from Munich, Germany, passing Bodensee, Genf (Swizerland), Rhonevalley, Southern France to the Pyrenees. I probably start arround 4th of August, it will take a few weeks to get there, depending on the tracks. After arriving, I plan to hike another few weeks in the mountains. There are no exact plans yet. I got 6 weeks for the trip.

What are your plans so far? If you would like to join me, just let me know. May be I change my plans a bit, I'm quite flexible.
I also want to be arround in the countryside and visit some nice small towns on the way. I go with tent and (probably) cooking stove. Interested to meet and join me somewhere?
Cheers, Stephan