ARG/CHI/BOL cycling trip

Posted by: diddl

ARG/CHI/BOL cycling trip - 08/11/07 05:56 PM


I would like to cycle from the north of Argentina to Chile and anwards to Bolivia in October. Planned route is Salta - San Pedro - Uyuni - La Paz and would be looking for a travel partner.

Is there anybody who would like to join or who is on a longer trip and in this area during that time?


Posted by: pjpark

Re: ARG/CHI/BOL cycling trip - 08/20/07 09:50 PM

I would love to join you. I am in Washington, DC, though, and I want to get to your trip by bike. I try to leave from my doorstep and return to my doorstep by bicycle to reduce my contribution to global warming. Where are you from?

I've biked from DC to Chiapas Mexico on the way to Brazil.

Posted by: diddl

Re: ARG/CHI/BOL cycling trip - 08/22/07 09:33 AM

Hi PJ,

sounds great. I am from Austria and a guy from Germany will also join. We plan to start from Salta, Argentina beginning of October. What are your further travel plans?