Europe August-October 2007

Posted by: annika

Europe August-October 2007 - 06/25/07 03:11 PM

Hey I'm a 19 year old australian girl who wants to start cycling up in northern europe (probably norway or sweden) and then just move down from there, into denmark and germany and so on. I have no real itinerary as of yet, and don't think I will have one, as I'm pretty much just planning to go where and when I feel like. My plans are very loose.

I woulnd't mind finding someone to cycle with, even if it's just part of the way, both for security reasons and also for some companionship, as I love to meet new people and have a good time.

I plan on doing quite a lot of cycling as I'm trying to cover a lot of ground in only a few months. However there will be rest days where I will do sightseeing and so on. I'm more interested in discovering the countryside and unknown delights then the big cities, although I may include some on my route. I will be staying in hostels and also camping occasionally.

If any of this suits you at all, or you know someone who it might interest, feel free to leave a reply. Thanks!
Posted by: roger

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/05/07 01:22 AM

Hi Annika
please see my post re Italy France september 07 and let me know if we can meet up. I was hoping to start in South of France heading south but am flexible and have no plans.
Posted by: Snible

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/11/07 04:42 AM


don't know where i'm going to cycle this year but i think it will be south-east europe. If u need a place to stay in germany, i live in the south(Freiburg) near swiss/french boarder. So if u're cycling around there feel free to drop in.

Posted by: zweiradmann

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/18/07 09:31 PM

Hi Annika,

I'm planning to cycle from Munich, Germany, passing Bodensee, Genf (Swizerland), Rhonevalley, Southern France to the Pyrenees. I probably start arround 4th of August, it will take a few weeks to get there, depending on the tracks. After arriving, I plan to hike another few weeks in the mountains. There are no exact plans yet. I got 6 weeks for the trip.

What are your plans so far? If you would like to join me, just let me know. May be I change my plans a bit, I'm quite flexible.
I also want to be arround in the countryside and visit some nice small towns on the way. I go with tent and (probably) cooking stove. Interested to meet and join me somewhere?
Cheers, Stephan
Posted by: annika

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/20/07 11:11 PM

Hi! I probably will be there around some time, not sure when, so I'd be happy to drop in. Thanks for your offer! Feel free to send me a message with more details if you want.

Posted by: annika

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 07/20/07 11:16 PM

Hey Stephan,

I'm starting in Sweden and moving down from there, also starting in August, so it sounds like you will end up being further down than me at that time. However, if your plans are flexible, who knows, we may be able to arrange something. I am planning to at least be in Germany by September, probably earlier, so if you happen to be around that area at the same time, maybe we could arrange something? I don't know, just send me a message or something with your thoughts. Thanks for the post!

Posted by: zweiradmann

Re: Europe August-October 2007 - 08/25/07 05:02 PM


Im in Barcelona at the moment, after 20 days of biking and visiting.
where are you?

Cheers, Stephan