Vietnam /cambodia February 2019

Posted by: florentine

Vietnam /cambodia February 2019 - 02/05/19 08:39 AM


Im currently travelling in Vietnam. I'm looking for somebody who'd like to join my bicycle trip from Ho Chi Minh City through the Mekong Delta into Cambodia. Is anybody already on the road and would like to join me?
I'm 34,female, and bike between 50_100km per day. I prefer the small roads, travelling not so much for the sake of covering distance, but more discovering the small and big wonders along the way.
For spontaneous people, who are already in Vietnam, but don't have a bike: i even have a spare mountain bike to offer. I was bikepacking with a friend the last month. He now flew back to Germany but left his bike here with me.

If you are interested, please send me a WhatsApp : Please, do not post phone numbers, email addresses etc. here - a safe contact can be established via "personal message" PM

I'm being reached