Gear Tents/sleepingbags/clothing/cooking stoves

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Gear Tents/sleepingbags/clothing/cooking stoves - 02/08/04 08:27 PM

Hi travellers, if you're looking for friendly info on gear for your trips, I may be able to help. I am a wilderness guide by profession and am currently working as a Wilderness Dield Director for a program in the USA. Part of my job is to research gear for camping (light weight and blloody reliable to boot. Contact me on or through our userlist.

Happy Trails and Roads my Friends

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Re: Gear Tents/sleepingbags/clothing/cooking stoves - 06/23/04 11:32 PM

hi there wilowale...iīm a costa rican soon to begin an adventure by bike throughout south america, however i canīt find good quality gear here, so iīll have to buy it online... any suggestion on a light weight, durable stove? i have a sierra desings tent thatīs been great to me, even in tropical conditions!

you can write to me at