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Re: Help me to choose binos. - 08/21/11 02:53 PM

My Nikon story goes here. Maybe a little OT but nevertheless interesting.

Long time ago I had a Nikon Sporter 10x50. Coming out of the box it was damaged, one of the occular bushings were crooked mounted. I wonder how this bino came trough the final control. Later I bought a Nicon Coolpix 2000. This had a bad designed electrical power system, sometimes the AA batterie only worked for 20pic and get hot. Additionally, sometimes the lens doesn't want to drive out. Hm. Two years later I bought a coolpix P6000.
Man, that was the crown of botched design. Again probs with the lens retraction. The built-in GPS functionality took incredibly 20(!) minutes to gather its datas. To get things worse this feature also ran during the off state. After ten days the accu was dead as a doornail. Nikon added an ethernet connector but that was as useful as a chocolate teapot. Worked for direct uploads (houwhouw!) to Flickr and crappy Facebook-style websites
but controlling the camera as a webcam was not taken into consideration during the design process. What a waste of money.