Re: laptops and bike travelling

Posted by: GŁndirwas

Re: laptops and bike travelling - 03/31/10 09:13 PM

Whether its is worth to use an laptop on your trip simply depends on you and the way you organize your life. Using the very small Panasonic ToughBook CF-W2 not only during my bicycle tours since four years, I avoid any paper note and channelled anything on this close to 1kg machine/ 12" screen like-
- the entire correspondance
- more than 1500 adresses with detailed information
- Photoshop CS4 for finishing the pictures shot day by day
- all maps for my GPS facility, thousands of prepared tracks and routes, being able to modify whenever I like to
- well performing wireless LAN, enabling to communicate and surf wherever I like to, cheap and fast

As the 1.2kgs machine includes it all, my bike bags save space and weight of papers like land maps, travelling books, adress list, definitely saving more than 1kg.

So referred to my person I revert your question in: How could I tour longer than few days without the Panasonic CF-W2. I admit it is expensive but worth. Although superseeded with the actual release...CF-W8, my good old one performs excellent after all crashes.

Decide yourself and take care.