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Re: laptops and bike travelling - 07/10/09 03:56 AM

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i just wonder if there is anybody out there who is travelling with a lap top and can tell me a bit about it

Yes i travell now 2 years with a laptop. I before a 12" hp now i have a 15"(16:9) Toshiba with me.

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First is it worth it

For me is the laptop inportant. I can check my banking account with it. Copy stuff(camera/GPS/films/music). Also I'm a g33k. So it was for me the first weeks without a laptop hard to life on the road...

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secondly how pratical is it ( like do they break all the time )
My first laptop broke the screen, because the wind pushed my bike on the side. The bag was wrong packed. Now i look that the laptop is in a extra bag. I bought this bag from Bolivia. Its thick material. So my laptop looks like new after a couple of months. Look that you have anything between the screen and the keyboard to preserve the screen for scratches. You need a waterproofed bag, if you don't have a waterproofed bike bag(ortlieb or so).

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which one would you recomment

I thing that question is not possible to answer. You have to decide what you need. You can buy a cheap one if you need the laptop only for write reports and surf in the internet... Look that you can install Linux(ubuntu 9.04) on your laptop. So you will have no problems with viruses, trojans and addware. You can install Windows to for programs that not exist in Linux(emulation with wine!)

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where do you get the energy from etc

I recharge my laptop in Hostels or I ask in restaurants or so. You can ask the owners of the house if you camp in the garden of a house. Police stations are also ok. Don't forget the schools.

Sometimes you can find open hotspots. You can hack the networks if you have the right wife card(monitoring), Don't forget that's illegal to hack in secured networks;)