Re: laptops and bike travelling

Posted by: joefab

Re: laptops and bike travelling - 01/08/08 07:09 PM

A cheap choice with low weight might be the Asus eee-pc . Since it uses flash memory as mass-storage device, it should be more robust then a (sub-)notebook, and its weight is less then 1kg. It is linux based, but a windows xp version has already been announced.

Unfortunatly the battery-lifetime is only 3-4h, so if you really want to be independent a PDA with an external keyboard might be a better choice. To some PDAs (like the LOOX 520/560) you can even attach USB-Keyboards.

Nokia has the internet tablet PCs N800/N810, which could be a good deal, either. The latter includes a keyboard and a gps-device, but I don't think that the keyboard is useful for writing longer texts like travel reports, so again it might be better to use the cheaper N800 in combitation with a bluetooth keyboard.