Re: laptops and bike travelling

Posted by: marcbike

Re: laptops and bike travelling - 07/18/06 10:31 PM

Hi peterkern, I was traveling by bike 2 weeks with my laptop, Sony Vaio 10,6" quite small and not so heavy but not usefull I was more worried for my baggage than normal and in this 15 days I used no more than 2 hours.

Think were you will sleep and if you are going to hotels or hostels maybe you will give more use than me. But in campings I didn't used.

If you want to carry the laptop to download your photos you can do that in a good internet cofe's or in the photo shops for not so much money and more safety for your laptop.

I was carring my laptop during one short tour in Scotland to this time sleeping in Bed&Brekfast for work was so good but not to use internet was inpossible to find wireless and when i founded was with password so not usefull if you want to use internet neets to pay or hotels with the need or go to the internet or cibercafe.

My recomendations is, carry one usb stik, pendrive, mp3 player or similar and enjoy your music and when you can download from your camara the photos and enjoy.

I hope to be usefull

Marc wink