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Posted by: Eizo1

Re: laptops and bike travelling - 05/22/06 06:45 PM

I have used one for the first time during a 3 weeks trip to the baltic states last year. As it has got a VERY SMALL form-factor (like a paperback-book) it is possible to keep it in the handlebar-bag - and therefore you have it with you most of the times when away from the bike. The device is a SONY U71, the tiniest thing running Windows XP on the market. Unfortunately it's not officially available in Europe, I got mine from a company in Germany importing them directly from Japan and who offer a great service (

It's great to have everything with you, sit in a restaurant and being able to check your mails (best if you can use a hot spot through integrated wireless), to prebook a hotel through Internet, have a real PC with a 30GB Disk for viewing and storing your digital photos or even typing your diary with the included foldable USB-keyboard. It's gonna be part of my standard equipment on bike-tours in future!

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PS: A brand new Sony U has just been announced....