TRAILER : one or two wheels???

Posted by: Slvr

TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 11/10/06 09:58 AM

I'm just searching around for a trailer but I'm not sure which of them is THE BEST.

B.O.B or Burley..??....One wheel or two wheels???

I want it for long trips, both offroad and onroad

Posted by: whisky

Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 11/10/06 11:41 AM


I would go for a 1 wheeled trailer as they follow the bike better on rough offroad tracks. There are many 1 wheeled trailers out there but currently the BOB (Both Yak and Ibex) are amoung the best. The Ibex has the advantage that it has suspension.

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Posted by: vagabond

Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 11/16/06 10:59 PM

99 out of 100 would tell you to buy the yak version that has no suspension. but iam not sure..
In towns and almost anywere i would prefer the ibex with the suspension. When you have 15-25kg in your trail and jumping on and of walkingbanes, dumps in the road etc the suspension must be good to have.

In my opinion if you are going rough offroad tracks. You need a one wheel with suspension.
Posted by: Flo

Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 11/17/06 07:44 AM

If you wanna do relly off-roud trips, you have to mention the following things.
A one wheeler is better at single trails, a two wheeler is better at slow passages. If you ride with an single wheeler very slow, you have to balance you, your bike and the trailer. Thats not really easy.

But the Burly isn't a good idea for off-road. The drapery don't like it to be punctured with an knot.
Better are small trailers like the carry freedom y frame or the roland carrie s.
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Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 11/25/06 05:05 PM

Thank You guys!!

I think I will buy the Ibex with suspension....I will give it a go....but I still have a few months to think about it and make a decission....

I will let u know how it went...

Posted by: KeithCov

Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 10/09/12 04:58 PM

it would depend on where you are riding. I have used the BOB and had trouble with wheel shimmer and had an accident. The load can change the centre of gravity for the bike, great in straight lines. Personally I ride around Europe on cycle paths and tracks and not off road, but have been caught out, I use a Y Frame, easiest ride on the market. I carry nothing on the bike and all in the trailer. After a while you don't notice you are pulling it. Some people say it is heavy on a hill but panniers are as well. I have built a box on mine with a cover and so there is no need for bags to keep things dry.

Hope that helps.
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Re: TRAILER : one or two wheels??? - 10/11/12 03:52 PM

I go for one wheel. extrewheel is my chose.
lighter than BOB.
best center of mass.
less roling resistence...
hope it helps