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kickstand - 12/01/03 04:31 PM

which company makes a kickstand like the one you can see at this link

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Re: kickstand - 12/02/03 07:47 AM

since those mini kickstands are used on Koga Miyata trekking bikes itīll the best you just ask their world touring test rider Tilmann Waldthaler on or you may look at
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Re: kickstand - 12/02/03 12:47 PM

... or You fix a normal rear-kickstand at the lowrider and cut it to the size You need.
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Re: kickstand - 12/02/03 01:20 PM

or You fix a normal rear-kickstand

... and then You are fix fertig.

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Re: kickstand - 12/03/03 02:16 PM

here what Tilmann wrote me:

Hello Nicolas,
the Kickstand I have has been designed for Koga Bikes
and is only available with Koga bikes. It is not available
on the market. Have a nice trip in Africa.
It is a nice place to cycle I have been in Africa for 5 years
and have had very bad experiences. Holdups and Revolutions,
but I still like the place very much. People are fantastic.
Have fun and thanks for visiting my homepage
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Re: kickstand - 12/03/03 02:58 PM

so you may go the way Wolfrad indicated: take a standard kickstand, fabricate a mounting plate to the low rider rack and cut the kickstand to the required length.
Good luck and enjoy your trip