Re: Rohloff vs. deraileur

Posted by: stephan_7171

Re: Rohloff vs. deraileur - 10/20/07 10:41 PM

Hello Jules!

If you have the chance to test the Speedhub, you will quickly find out if you like it or not.

I am using Shimano LX on one bike and Rohloff on the other. The only disadvantage of Rohloff is in my opinion the noise it makes in gear 1 to 7. If you prefer an absolutely quiet bike in small gears, a derailleur will be better.

In my opinion the noise is not bad, it is something characteristic - that is something you should test, as some people do not like that.

The shifting with Rohloff is great in my view, it is very reliable precise and requires only little maintenance - I have been using the Rohloff for many years without problems. Chain life and wear on the sprocket wheel is definitely improved.

But I have to say, also LX derailleur does a good job, the shifter itself did not fail so far, too, but needs more cleaning and sprocket wheels need to be replaced more often.

Considering wheel stability you need not worry, the 32 spoke Rohloff wheel will be even more stable (if well built), as it is possible to have same spoke tension left and right due to the hub geometry. This definitely is an advantage of the Rohloff.

Problems with Rohloff also exist, but are rare, to my experience the stability and reliability is really good.

Is a Rohloff version of the Thorn-frame really same price as for a XT version?

Have a nice day!