Re: Rohloff vs. deraileur

Posted by: Zebrarider

Re: Rohloff vs. deraileur - 10/20/07 03:56 PM

I just bought a Velotraum Tourer, and i decided NOT to choose the speedhub, even though i`m planning a trip round the world.

Simply because of Murphy`s law: Everything that CAN break down WILL break down. And i find a derailleur very easy to maintain. If it breaks down completely, just unmount it at put the chain on the cog wheel directly. And a Shimano XT is unlikely to break down. I`ts almost as reliable as the Rohloff. What are you going to to when your Rohloff breaks down somehow? And don`t forget: You will find Shimano Spare Parts all over the Globe, like Bearings or complete derailleurs. You can use a 36-Spoke wheel instead of a 32-Spoke Rohloff wheel, so that makes the wheel itself more reliable (Flat tires and broken spokes are the damages wou will have to deal with mostly!)

And the main reason i chose the XT: The cost of the Rohloff. The Difference is two more months of travelling to me (Priceless!).