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Re: USB Chargers - 01/25/20 01:52 AM

Nobody willing to reply to you? What a pity!


HIGHLIGHTS&CONCLUSIONS: with some models at 20 km/h it seems to be possible to have up to 5.5W charging power to the internal buffer battery

Correct, Forumslader V5 does so, Dynamo Harvester almost.

The second graph shows USB-output power. I assume that E-Werk is adjusted to 5V, anything else makes no sense in this comparison.

Question for the third plot was answered (its only efficiency energy-flow batteries to USB-output).

Last question: Yes, but note this is merely an observation how much energy is taken from the dynamo, but not how much energy is indeed stored to batteries or transfered to USB-output. The improved DynamoHavester e.g. takes more energy from the dynamo @20km/h than the Forumslader, but stores less energy to the batteries. I.e. it is less efficient.