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Re: New generator ? - 02/17/19 04:24 PM

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... from my minimalistic point of view, the better way would be to go for less consuming electronic devices, insted of increasing the power needs.

Well, I basically agree with you. Nevertheless sometimes, only sometimes, I'd like to have a bit more than 3W ... let's say just 5W !! smile

If I remember correct, 5-10Watt could already be harvested from a normal hub dynamo with the help of Forumslader, E-Werk or similar devices. The only problem: You have to ride at least 20-30km/h with 26"/29" wheels.

If someone would invent a bicycle generator which allows to get 5Watt at a USB port at 10 km/h or below (of course this should be a light, efficient, long lasting, quiet and not too expencive device grin ) - this might be interesting.

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