Re: New generator ?

Posted by: derSammy

Re: New generator ? - 02/16/19 01:41 PM

To the best of my knowledge the German and Dutch market ist the biggest in the world for cycle dynamos. It will be really hard for a company to establish a product which may not be sold in these markets.

However, with the last changes in the German StVZO all the old-fashioned requirements with 6V/3W have been droped. It only says, that the whole light installation should be "sufficient". The "OK" of the KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt, the agency certifying cycle light products) is still necessary, but if a company builds a complete system (dynamo+light), it has a good chance to get the permission. The problem is, if you leave the 6V/3W-specification, the you neither get access to the dynamo market, not to the lights market - it will be very hard to make buisness with a complete system.