crappy folding bike, I need suggestions

Posted by: ToPodilato

crappy folding bike, I need suggestions - 09/24/13 12:29 AM

Hi< i bought a really cheap brand new folding bike
from the brand '2fast4you'


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The seat does not go high enough safely (I am about 1.70) and therefore i cannot ride it. If I try to put the seat at the height I need to ride normally, then it will break off, it just does not have enough tube to get it right. I hope this problem does not exist in all brands of folding bikes...

I bought it online, which was a mistake. It was only 100 euro (inclusiv delivery) and I thought I would get a bargain, but I was very much mistaken!

My question is those ofyou who are 1.70 or taller and you use folding bikes, which brand do you recommend I try up to 300 euro for one bike?

Ps: this bike now I sell as ''children's bike'' only!