sad day my new wheel arrived damaged

Posted by: Pedro1

sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/02/20 12:23 PM

bad day frown my new dynamo wheel arrived damaged ..
Now have to wait for a return and replace ...
Posted by: derSammy

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/02/20 12:40 PM

That's really sad and definitely worth a complaint.
However, if you take a file and carefully remove the overlaying edge of the damaged part, you could still make this a working dynamo. The remaining part should actually keep all the needed functionality.
So maybe there is a chance to get a significant discount.
Posted by: Keine Ahnung

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/02/20 07:55 PM

Before trying to file off the axis, I would first make sure that nothing else has been damaged. If not, asking for a discount would really be the best option.
Posted by: Pedro1

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/03/20 12:41 PM

bike_discount de wont refund my return postage of 17 euro which includes insurance in case of loss on return, now started to ignore my emails and messages on instagram, I have sent photos and video but not will to send me a new wheel without me buying one now for dispatch frown
they wont let me add insurance when sending back.. so if lost or damged on way i lose again
so no longer will have a wheel unless I buy another...
Posted by: Pedro1

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/03/20 03:13 PM

Well this day has turned out bad really, Bike discount wont give me a replacement.. Also can't get another till they refund the money they already have, Still no reply on my rights if I send back uninsured (bike discounts idea) and its lost or damaged more in post.
Risky :(n
2 whole days trying to contact them, keep getting told they will be in contact, Instagram messaging them to explain the damage and supplying them with photos and video has simply seemed to anoy them.
Disappointed would be an under statement .. all I wanted was a replacement sent out... don't have an issue sending the damaged one back with tracking.. just not insured.. don't want any excuses regarding refund .. no longer know how to deal with this..
Posted by: derSammy

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/03/20 06:53 PM

Difficult situation, in particular in connection with these abroad shipping situation. I do not really know which law is applicable, a science for jurists.

Basically according to German law in case of costumer complaint ("Nacherfüllung") the seller is responsible for the shipping costs of the return.
But you can not simply insist on getting a new item shipped, without having the damaged one returned!

My procedure in theses situations is to take the way which is intended by law. I.e. I would return the wheel insured to bike_discount. And I would claim the returning costs from bike-discount. In a last attempt I would sent an E-Mail (do not leave bike-discount an option, but just explain how you will proceed, why (reference to law) and what you claim) and that you expect your expanses returned. Mention that you are prepared to take legal actions and intend to give negative evaluations (?) in corresponding online platforms.

According to German law (you get an overview in German here, the relevant article is § 439 Abs. 2 BGB, BGB is "Bürgerliches Gesetz Buch", the basic civil law in Germany) bike-discount has to take all the returning costs. It is important, that you refer to Nacherfüllung, formerly also called Reklamation, but not to Widerruf (which is just the buyer-option "I don't want it (for no reason to be specified)"). In the latter case you would be responsible for the returning costs (§ 357 Abs. 6 BGB). It is your task to select the carrier, choosing a tracked shipment is a reasonable aspect in this context.

If there is no return for your e-mail, just sent also a physical mail with the same content and don't forget to specify a deadline until when you want the shipping costs returned and that you want either the money for the wheel back, or a fixed one returned (I would keep the decision free to bike-discount).

P.S.: I thought that DHL-shipping of such large items like wheels is always tracked and insured (up to about 500€), isn't it?
And take care that you secure the dynamo axis more properly than it had been done by bike-discount!
Posted by: Pedro1

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/07/20 06:49 PM

I had no issue returning the wheel, but was a bit put off that they would not replace it, only offered refund which I did not want.
The wheel had a bent axle that was so bad the quick release would not go into.
I contacted them via instagram providing photos and video of the damage.
They have now agreed to send the wheel, I had also created a return and dispatched the damaged wheel back to them by that point.
If goods arrived damaged I dont think it unreasonable to request a replacement.